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against the syrian people. >>> aid workers from the united nations and the european union continue to provide humanitarian services even after u.n. cease-fire monitors withdrew from syria in august. now officials have decided to withdraw their remaining personnel. they say it's just too dangerous. >> the united nations and syria will pull out non-essential international personnel with immediate effect. >> nesirky said any u.n. personnel who stay behind will be restricted to the capital damascus. eu sources said their ambassador and two other diplomats would be recalled. they say about ten syrian employees will take over information gathering and liaison activities. reuters says eight u.n. staff members have been killed since the uprising began in march of last year. >>> the iranian military says it has captured a u.s. intelligence-gathering drone in its air space. but a spokesman for the u.s. navy's 5th fleet denies that claim. iran state-run television network aired footage showing what it says is the unmanned air craft. iran's revolutionary guard missiles say it captured the dron
a proposal for bonus and salary cuts to the union representing the company's workers. the restructuring plan would put in place after kepco executives sought government approval to charge higher electricity rates. they say the suspension of nuclear power plants is forcing them to raise prices. officials have proposed to cut workers' salaries by an average of 16%. they want to cut base wages by about 5% and to cancel summer bonuses next year. the proposal would also require the company to shut down some of its vacation facilities and corporate gymnasiums. kepco officials are looking to slash $1.9 billion in costs annually for three years starting next april. a government panel assessing the request for the rate increases will check the progress of restructuring efforts. >>> the commander of u.s. forces in japan says the osprey transport aircraft deployed in the southern prefecture of okinawa are now ready for full operation. but the aircraft's poor safety record has local citizens concerned. >> we've been flying safely now for two months, and i'm very proud of the marines that have been flyin
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2